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Holiday Warnings

The holidays are coming!!! Therefore you must be careful with your precious pets.

Holiday Foods!! Though it's so tempting to share with your little furry friends, don't give your pet large quantities of cooked turkey and ham during the holidays. Some foods are uneasily digestible for our pets and can cause pancreatitis, which can be a serious threat to your pets health.

Speaking of turkey, BONES ARE DANGEROUS! Please, please don't feed your pets bones, especially poultry bones. Poultry bones splinter easily and can irritate and sometimes perforate your pets organs, causing extreme pain, and may have a fatal outcome.

Be careful with unattended Alcoholic Drinks- Also toxic to our pets.

A number of Christmas season plants are poisonous to pets. If ingested these plants may cause vomiting or bloody diarrhea in some cases. Your best bet is to keep all plants out of reach from your pets. If you suspect your pet has ingested a plant, please call your veterinarian and notify him/her of the plant type, what time the plant was ingested and if the pet is having any symptoms.

If you are worried about the Christmas tree and ornaments, hang your favorite ornaments higher on the tree. If your animal is curious and tends to chew and eat foreign objects, it is recommended that you keep all ornaments out of reach. If you are really worried, replace metal ornament hooks with tightly knotted fabric ribbons, light-weight twine or yarn to slip easily over the branches of the tree. Tinsel is not toxic, but if ingested, this may cause intestinal obstruction and choking is also a potential problem...please don't use tinsel if you have pets.

Electrical Cords!! If you use a lot of lighting and electrical material, make sure you do a good job and tape or tack down the cords out of chewing reach.

Last but not least RIBBONS and WRAPPINGS- Please try to keep gift wrappings out of reach of your pets. Ingestion of these objects can also cause a major threat to your pets health.


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